Our Story

Harnessing The Power of Nature.

Revere was built with a straightforward but unyielding goal: completely rethink sports nutrition from the ground up. We saw what was out there, and tired of settling, we wanted to create a line of natural supplements every bit as powerful as the synthetic products that have dominated the sports nutrition market.

In an industry filled with dangerous chemicals, pseudo-science, and companies forcing consumers to choose between health and performance, we set out to create something better. We assembled a team of leading PhDs in Nutritional & Exercise Science who we knew would be up for the challenge: natural, completely safe, powerfully effective—or not at all.

Designed by PhDs in Nutritional and Exercise Science — Not Marketers.

Our team of PhDs spent six months poring over decades of scientific literature, carefully selecting different natural ingredients and combinations—iterating and perfecting every aspect (read more about the science in our whitepaper).

After dozens of rounds, we were able to fully unlock the power of natural, whole foods in products that tasted great and performed even better. The natural ingredients and their benefits have always been there, it was only a matter of putting them together in the right combinations and dosages—sweet potato for energy, beetroot for endurance, and the list goes on.

Tested by a World-Class Performance Expert.

Once we had our formulas, it was time to put them to the test. We know athletes perform on fields and in gyms—not science labs—so we turned to our co-founder Mike Barwis, a world-renowned human-performance expert, to ensure that our unique, natural formulas were able to exceed the highest thresholds of safety and performance he demands.

Capable of powering your average gym goer to NFL players, Olympic swimmers, UFC fighters, NCAA champions, and everyone in-between, Revere was built for all athletes seeking elite performance and uncompromising safety.

Elite Sports Nutrition,
for Today’s Strong and Healthy Athlete

Dairy Free Vegan Gluten Free Soy Free GMO Free Artificial Sweetner Free


Pre-Workout Energy

Clean, natural energy for your most powerful performance. No chemicals, no jitters, no crash.

Post-Workout Recovery

Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Specially formulated for optimal recovery so you can come back stronger and fitter—faster.

Revere Water Bottle

Your new workout partner—the perfect way to shake things up.